Learn to Say No

For so long, what I thought I needed was to give others everything they wanted so they could give me everything I needed.  Embracing this moment teaches me to give what I need to myself.  


Clap Along and Get Happy: 5 Steps to Embracing Happiness

Today is International Happiness Day.  Happiness means something different to each of us, often elusive, or so we believe, happy feelings bring joy, they are infectious and powerful.  When we are happy, we believe in ourselves, in our futures, and we are free. But how do we get happy? Here are five steps: 1.  Stop …

Welcome to the Club–The Other Side of Color Blind–Part Two

Be sure to read Part One:  Awareness and Part Three: Three Reasons You Must Discuss Racism and Inequality with your Children  in this three part series that addresses our assumptions, our reactions to prejudice and our identities. Part Two:  Five Things You Can Do To Address Diversity At some point, we will all find ourselves in an …