Life Coaching

Embracing This Moment Life Coaching

  • Personal Growth
    If you are wanting more out of life, to embrace all that life has to offer…to break down borders, redefine boundaries, and live a fullness you feel you are not currently experiencing, Aubrey can help you live your best life.  Cultivating a deeper awareness to your inner strengths, your visions of who you are in the world, your options for a better future are all at your fingertips.  You can choose to find the best in your life, and Aubrey is here to help.  
  • Life Balance
    Finding a healthy balance among all facets of life, allows a healthy you to flourish.  Too much work?  Too little time for you?  Expectations of others and of society can often squander what might be most healthy for you.  Finding a balance, a way to be your best 100% of the time, is achievable, and affords the best outlook to your life.  Find that balance today.
  • Family Management
    Family transitions are ongoing.  Adding a new little one to the family?  Blessed with your first and not sure what to expect? About to be an empty-nester?  Trying to get the family to change some bad habits?  Or simply overwhelmed with how to manage all the family responsibilities?  Setting effective and healthy boundaries for you and for your family will promote wellness, build structure, and honor self-empowerment.  Aubrey can help you find what type of system works best for your family.
  • Organization and Planning
    Organization helps provide dependability, you know where you can find things, you have clear reasons why they are placed there, and you are building the good habit of cleanliness when you return it to its home.  Sometimes organizing can be challenging, especially with the loss of a loved one, or the downsizing of a new home.  How do you decide what goes where?  How do you decide what to keep?  Embracing the truth of the moment, the realities of uses of things and the emotional attachment of them, allows healthy decision making, and a happy home.    
  • Life Transitions
    Are you a full time career mom that wants to stay home to care for her family?  Not sure where to start or what to expect?  Are you looking to change careers, job locations or start your own business?  Are you wanting to retire and build a  healthy post-career support network for you to continue to live fulfilled and happy?  Are you helping a loved one transition into an assisted living facility?  Despite our desire for efficiency and speed, life transitions do not often happen over night.  They often take time, effective and attentive planning, and an array of options.  If you find yourself in the midst of a transition point, Aubrey can collaborate with you to discover the options that work best to honor you, the others involved, and the needs of the moment.  
  • Creative Expression and Healing
    One effective method of healing often occurs through creative expression–the kind of creativity that works outward from the deepest parts of your soul, giving a voice to an experience, a feeling, a moment, that you, the every day person, struggles to embrace.  Creative expression can come in many forms…writing, blogging, photography, sculpture, painting, crafts, dance, and many more.  Aubrey can help you discover the facet of creativity that works best for you, develop the habits necessary to honor that creative center, and begin moving through life whole.