About Aubrey


I often tell my clients “I was born a Life Coach, and I have life long training.”  My personal growth and recovery work, the life long development of intuition and perceptive problem analysis, all give grounding to my coaching practice.  My listening skills, ability to identify potential unforeseen problems, and thoughtful analysis and strategy around problem solving, each validate the effectiveness of my abilities as Embracing This Moment’s Life Coach.   I humbly embrace these graces as a compassionate and successful life strategist.  
My traditional education is from UCLA, where I studied General Chemistry and minored in Philosophy of Science and Environmental Studies.  Upon graduating, I began teaching science at a wonderful private school in Los Angeles, CA.  Effectively balancing the dynamic among faculty, parents and students, I moved into administration and counseling, and became Dean of Students.  My passion for education, for life long learning, brought me much of the success I enjoy today.  I believe that an effective and successful Life Coach must help the client learn new coping and problem solving strategies.  My extensive experience in education grounds much of the discipline and compassion of my practice.  
Upon having a child, my life goals changed, and I chose to stay home and be a full time wife and mother.  With the blessings of supportive family and friends, I built Embracing This Moment.  I work part time as a life coach, part time homeschooling our child.  I have learned to live a life I value and to lovingly let go of the rest.  Life principles that guide my life, integrity, honesty, acceptance and compassion, are grounded in all it means to embrace the moment.  For so long I lived a life of perfection:  “If I am perfect enough, I will deserve to have the life I want.”  I now know living in the moment gives me the freedom I need to build the life I want.   I live my worth.   I find spiritual meaning in most of my life experiences.   I value family and friends and the intimate connections and conversations we share.  I value my clients and the work they ask me to help facilitate in their lives.  And I am honored to accompany you on this journey of discovery.
In our work together, I want you to know that despite your life circumstances, you are valued; you are enough.  I want you to believe that you can achieve your goals, that you can have the life you want.  Working with me, you will  have a safe place, judgement, shame and criticism free, to facilitate and embrace powerful change.  It is perfectly acceptable to be right where you are, to feel how you feel.  And it’s perfectly acceptable to want more from your life.  I look forward to our work together and helping you embrace each moment.
There are many ways to contact Aubrey.

email:  embracingthismoment@gmail.com
skype:  embracingthismoment
mobile phone:  310.754.9444
facebook:  Send her a message on facebook!  www.facebook.com/EmbracingThisMoment