Creative Healing

Moving an intention, goal or habit from a spiritual and emotional place into an everyday reality requires mindfulness, compassion, and divine grace.  Allowing creativity, nourishes our souls, the healing, the journey, and the potential for the future.

Serenity Gems

Looking to release some negativity and embrace the moment?  You may be interested in these serenity gems:
Embracing This Moment bracelet
Joyful Peace bracelet
Mindfulness bracelet
Limitless Compassion bracelet

Perhaps you know someone that is currently suffering with a health condition and receiving treatments?   You may be interested in these serenity gems:

Breast Cancer Health and Recovery
Healthy Living bracelet
Releasing Weight/Embracing Life bracelet
Fertility bracelet and Earring set
Pregnancy and Infant Loss bracelet

Perhaps you or someone you know loves surrounding their space with visual reminders of support from the universe, or embraces a mindfulness with visual stimulation.  You may be interested in these serenity gems:
Mindfulness Feathers
Peace Garden Charms
This Moment Magnets

Etsy Shop Now Open!

Custom Altars

Altars provide a place of spiritual surrender.  A vulnerability that we can allow in the safety of our own sacred space, an altar can be designed to support many facets of one’s life.

Embracing This Moment offers custom altars, to honor all parts of your soul’s experience.  With completion of a questionnaire and conference call or short meeting, an inspiration altar can be built to express your needs in the moment.  If you are a midst grief in the loss of a loved one, a traditional prayer altar can be built.  If you are embracing a new facet of your life, and you would like to honor it with daily intentions and wishes, Aubrey can build one for you, or with some guidance, she can guide you through building one for yourself.  Imagine, for a moment, the power in creatively creating your vision, your healing, your truth.

Living in the moment is not always easy, especially if you are transitioning through a challenging part of life, but with some extra guidance, mindfulness and love, you can find peace.

Email Aubrey at to get your custom altar started today.

What better way to honor yourself in this moment?

2 thoughts on “Creative Healing

  1. It wouldn’t let me “LIKE” your post as my blog is a self-hosted and not a blog. Regardless, I DO LIKE your post, and wanted you to know! I have a couple of altars; one in the bedroom that is a bit more sacred than the one at the front of the house. These spaces evoke a sense of who I am, and remind me of what is important on my journey. Thanks for yet another reminder. Come and find me on Twitter and Facebook too, and let’s connect.

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