Coaching Process

Building the life you want, one moment at a time, requires you to be present in the moment.

Contacting Aubrey, you will begin solidifying your intentions to change your life.  You have found an ally, and together you will discover your truth, your inner spirit, and your beauty.

30-minute Consultation:  Let’s chat.  Aubrey will send you a short list of questions in advance of the consultation meeting (via phone, skype or in person).  You’ll discuss your passions, your strengths, your life story, and the patterns that have brought you to this place in your life.

Sessions:  Continuing to build the life you want takes time.  Sessions can continue for just a few weeks or up to six months.  Transitions, despite our desire for efficiency and speed, do not happen over night.  Building new habits that honor you, your vision, your needs, require cultivation, compassion, action and discipline.  Sessions run 1-hour in length, weekly.

Pricing:  Aubrey’s sessions can be purchased individually or in packaged pricing.  Please see Coaching Packages to view payment and pricing options.  Sliding scale and discounts are considered.  If you’re here and you want help, payment options are available.

Over the course of this journey, you will know what it means to embrace the moment, you will be closer to your desires, your spirit, and your truth.  Moment by moment, you will build the life you want.

You are closer than you have ever been before to achieving all that you want out of life.

Contact Aubrey today.