Learn to Say No

For so long, what I thought I needed was to give others everything they wanted so they could give me everything I needed.  Embracing this moment teaches me to give what I need to myself.  


It Didn’t Go As Planned, And It’s Okay

My entire life can be described in one sentence:  It didn’t go as planned, and it’s okay. --Rachel Wolchin What do you mean it’s okay when it doesn’t go as planned?  I read this quote and chuckle.  When it doesn’t go as planned, my fear says--”What did I do wrong?  Who screwed it up and …

In the Hallway

Hallways. They've always carried tremendous symbolism for me.  Perhaps from my own journey, but also for the creative process.  Hallways are transitions.  The pictures, with open or closed doors, seemingly symbolic of the different choices in our lives, our outlook on our futures.  You've got to travel through the hallway to get from one place …