Learn to Say No

For so long, what I thought I needed was to give others everything they wanted so they could give me everything I needed.  Embracing this moment teaches me to give what I need to myself.  


It Didn’t Go As Planned, And It’s Okay

My entire life can be described in one sentence:  It didn’t go as planned, and it’s okay. --Rachel Wolchin What do you mean it’s okay when it doesn’t go as planned?  I read this quote and chuckle.  When it doesn’t go as planned, my fear says--”What did I do wrong?  Who screwed it up and …

Surrendering to the Moment

Surrendering to the moment.  It goes against everything you'd think surrendering means. Recall the first time you learned to float.  The water against your skin, cool, exciting.  As you lay back, you feel the excitement.  The anticipation. "Will I sink?"  The fearful thoughts rise to the surface, almost as if to hold you down, keep …