Three Reasons We Need to Forgive

Why do we need to forgive?

It’s not an easy thing to do.  Forgive ourselves.  Forgive others.  It doesn’t flow freely or effortlessly, connected to the past, our hopes for the future.  There’s emotions.  And boundaries.  And it’s difficult.

Forgiveness holds power.

You see, if we hold the anger and hostility about our experience with someone, someone we likely need to forgive, we continue to revictimize ourselves.  Without forgiveness, we do not hold our own power.  We give it over.  Perhaps for validation.  Or hope for a better future, a wish for a different outcome.  There is a part of us that stays, right in that hurt moment, in that memory of the past, a circumstance for which we can do nothing.  The power in those instances was either never ours–because we didn’t take the opportunity or because we had no control.  When we hold that rigidity about that moment, it stays.  The thoughts stay.  The shame stays.  The anger stays.  Our power to move forward, it rests in forgiveness.

Forgiveness sets us free.  

When we forgive, we let go.  Let go of the past.  Of our desire to change it.  Of our need to be right.  Of our desire for them to be wrong.  Of the anger and the resentment and the toxic emotions that limit our ability to live freely in this moment.  Forgiveness, our conscious choice to let go, gives us the freedom from these.  It doesn’t make it go away.  It doesn’t change the outcome.  But it sets us free of the emotional investment, of the requirement to playback the thoughts, the circumstances, and the limitations.  Forgiveness isn’t about the other person, setting them free, or making what they’ve done alright or acceptable.  Forgiveness is for us.  To breathe.  To live.

Forgiveness is love.  

We know our work is done, when we have nothing but love left for others, especially those for which we need to forgive their wrongdoings.  When we let go, we allow love to fill the space.  Warm our hearts.  Forgiving ourselves always makes life easier.  We can move.  We can breathe.  We can trust ourselves.  We all make mistakes.  We all choose poorly.  And while we may never completely understand another’s life choices, we can respect their journey.  Each of us does what we feel is best, navigating those life choices is what living is.

Forgiveness Statements:
I forgive myself for______________.
I recognize my power, and I reclaim it by forgiving_________.
I know love, and I allow it to bless my life by forgiving __________.
I let go of the need to control, to be right, to be worthy, and I forgive ______________.

Forgiveness Affirmations:
As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.
I set my past free and meet my future with loving compassion.
I forgive myself for not being perfect.  I am living and doing my best in any moment.
I am ready to be healed.  I forgive and I love.  And all is well.

Let the wings of forgiveness flutter and take you into a garden where the flowers of peace blossom.  ~Dodinsky Embracing This Moment Life Coaching
Embracing This Moment
Life Coaching

How has forgiveness enriched your life?  Which of the forgiveness statements and affirmations would better allow you to move forward with your best life?  

2 Replies to “Three Reasons We Need to Forgive”

  1. Forgiveness gives us wings… this is what I felt as I read your article, Aubrey…. thank you for sharing!

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