In the Hallway


They’ve always carried tremendous symbolism for me.  Perhaps from my own journey, but also for the creative process.  Hallways are transitions.  The pictures, with open or closed doors, seemingly symbolic of the different choices in our lives, our outlook on our futures.  You’ve got to travel through the hallway to get from one place to another, or maybe the hallway is where we need to be?

The hallway of life.  

Often, we find ourselves stuck in the hallway, the transition from one part of our lives to the next.    I’ve found myself here a number of times, and some of my best coping mechanisms, the same strategies I have developed and often use to help my clients adapt and grow, come from that stillness the hallway provides.  We can examine each door.  We can run right through.  We can provide ourselves the space and the time to make choices.  We can take the time we need to embrace change.

As a young child, I often found myself hiding in the hallway of our home.  Scared.  Alone.  In the darkness.  As an adult, my hallway is filled with many altars, reminders of my strength, of the strength of those around me, those that have passed.  Hallways don’t scare me now, for now I know their purpose, and I thrive.  I stopped hiding in the hallway a long time ago.  And now I help others find their way out too.

You may want to read my previous posts on hallways to know the full story.  Some time ago, I did some powerful free writing exercises and posted them on my older blog.  The healing was evident, not just for me, but for many of its readers.
The Hallway 
Come Out of the Hallway, Little Girl

If you feel like you’re stuck in the hallway and need some help navigating it’s doors, please contact me.  Life is beautiful and amazing when you find your life path.

Many blessings to each of you,

Embracing This Moment Life Coaching
Embracing This Moment
Life Coaching

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