Surrendering to the Moment

Surrendering to the moment.  It goes against everything you’d think surrendering means.

Recall the first time you learned to float.  The water against your skin, cool, exciting.  As you lay back, you feel the excitement.  The anticipation.

Will I sink?”  The fearful thoughts rise to the surface, almost as if to hold you down, keep you from the opportunity of weightless elation.  You flounder, arms and legs, frantic, grasping at anything.  The water, bending, allowing, providing little resistance or support.

And then.  You stop.  You don’t think.  You don’t over analyze.

You simply let it all go.

Making the choice to stop aimlessly floundering, you trust that you’ll be alright, you trust that the process will work, you trust in a higher power.  And that miraculous moment of surrender, of acceptance, of support and security intermixed in one, it’s there.

You float.

The water supports you exactly equal to the support you give the water.  You feel it.  The faith.  The truth.  The surrender to the moment.  Because you see, life brings to us all we give to it.  Surrender doesn’t mean we give up, it simply means we allow, we work within the medium, we meet our lives where they are instead of where we thing they ought to be.  The truth is, you’re safe, you’re loved, and you’re powerful, simply because you surrendered to the moment.

What are you giving to this moment?  Are you aimlessly floundering or surrendering to the truth?  

Embracing This Moment Life Coaching
Embracing This Moment Life Coaching

4 Replies to “Surrendering to the Moment”

    1. Thanks Carolyn! As transition coaches, it would be inherent to the journey, don’t you think? And while it’s not always the easiest to do, there is so much peace to be found.
      Thanks for visiting, I’m enjoying reading your work.

  1. Hi, I’ve followed from the 31-day challenge. I love anything about living in the moment. Though, I am occasionally pulled out of my quest to be present in each moment, I love when I do connect to the infinite possibilities that come as I “float.” Thanks for this reminder…we need them often.

    1. You’re welcome! And thanks for stopping in to read and share. I find that I am more resistant to floating when I don’t like my reality. But it’s just as you said, you are able to connect with the infinite possibilities when you float. Removing expectations, while a bit of a challenge to stay goal centered and purpose driven, allows for more than our sometimes limited expectations could conceive.
      Thanks again. 🙂

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