Is Forever Enough?

The squeak of the rocking chair.
I hold him tight.
Feeling his breath.  In and out.
It tickles my neck.

The love.
I can’t begin to explain it.
I really love my partner.
But this is deeper.

He came from my body.
A moment shared.
A division of cells.
Ketchup and spinach.
He arrived.
All 10 lbs and 24 inches.

And I hold him, and I know.
All the choices.
The weight of the world.
His future.
Of doing it right.
Of doing it wrong.
Boundary building.

I know.
I am a mother.
My life has changed.

Forever, while limitless, seems…not enough…especially when we try and explain our love for others…
Embracing this moment, on Mother’s Day, with love.




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