Monday Matters Challenge

Five long days away from the weekend.
Resentful of the things left undone.
Wishing we had more time, more energy, more anything but Monday.
The long work week ahead.
Moments spent wishing away the day.

I’m done with that.
Done with wishing my life away.
Even just a day, just the moment before I get my coffee.
No more.
Those are moments I will never get back.
Why waste them?

So, I’ve created this mindfulness challenge, to start the week off right.
Making every moment meaningful.
Even Monday.

Monday Matters Challenge
1.  Engage mindfulness.
2.  Choose one action that will help achieve your vision for the week.
3.  Challenge yourself to do it each day.
4.  Monitor your progress and achievements.
5.  Check-in to the blog.  Report your progress.  Support others.
6.  Repeat each Monday.

How are you making Monday matter?  What is your Monday Matters Challenge?  Please, share…


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