Journey to Mindfulness–Day 3

The Barefoot Singer–YouTube

Day 3:  Smile as much as possible.

Smile and the whole world smiles with you…

What is it, about a smile?  It’s irresistible…that warm feeling in our hearts…the way we feel our eyes brighten, engage, lift…our lips extending, reaching to the sky, as if to thank the universe for this moment.

Are you smiling reading this right now?  I bet you are, it’s infectious, isn’t it?!

The smile in and of itself, is almost like breathing, we don’t have to consciously instruct certain face muscles to do certain things.  It’s natural.  Spontaneous.  Heartwarming.

Smiles linger for a lifetime.  Friendships and romances are founded in the simple head nod and smile.  Connection.  Love.  A shared experience of joy and gratitude.  Babies, learning to communicate, smile to express their contentment, surprise, and excitement.   Smiles validate connection.

For today, smile as much as possible.  Smile at yourself, looking in the mirror.  Smile at strangers in the market.  Smile at crazy drivers while you wait patiently in traffic.  Smile at your computer screen as you read this message.  Smile.  Establish connection.  Allow and encourage happiness.  Open your heart to the world around you with your smile.  

Smile and the whole world smiles with you…

My little one, so long ago…
Day 3: Smile as much as possible.


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