Journey to Mindfulness–Day 1

Day 1:  Discover a new path to a regular destination.

There is dependability in knowing your path.  You know the twists and turns.  The familiarity of it brings comfort, security.  It’s expected.  It’s guaranteed.  You know where you are going and you plan on getting there.

Why, then, do we need examine the path?


We all have days we drive to work, and over half way there, wonder how we got as far as we did.  Did we run a red light?  Mindless…on auto.  It is expected.  We know the turns, without even thinking, the lane we need to be in to line up with the flow of traffic, avoid accidents.  It is something we do every day.

How often do we travel through the day, not really present, not really aware of what is happening around us?  

Sometimes our sole focus is the destination.  We are not mindful until we get to where we want to be, because that’s when it matters most.  Is that really true?  With any kind of certainty, we do not really know our destination.  Maybe we will end up where we want to be, and maybe we won’t.  If we put all our efforts and focus on getting to the end, where does that leave us when we don’t get to the end we’d imagined for ourselves?

Reality dictates we don’t have as much control as we’d like to have over getting to the destination.  We do, however, have control over our journey.  The path can be predictable, mindless, routine, or it can be a path of discovery, beauty, challenge and joy.  The power is ours to decide the path we want to take, the path we want our hearts to know, the path that gives us meaning.

For today, discover a new path.  Focus not on the destination, for you know not where that might be.  Instead, focus on the discovery of something new, unfamiliar, challenging or surprisingly easy.  It is living in the present, we can find meaning, not in where we are going, but in where we are, right now, in this moment…

What path are you going to be more mindful of today?  Are you going to join us in this challenge?  Post a comment, share your enlightenment, your experience, your challenges…

Inspirational Message:  Embracing This Moment
Photo:  © Carrydream | Stock Free Images &Dreamstime Stock Photos

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